Design, Develop and Maintain a Website with Wordpress


Even if you are completely new to web design you can learn how to build or maintain a fully functional website or blog. This course takes you through the steps needed to set up and maintain a WordPress website or blog.

Getting Started

A. How to choose a domain name.
B. Registering a domain name.


A. Image manipulation with
B. Introduction to the WordPress building blocks.

WordPress Settings

A. General
B. Reading
C. Discussion
D. Media
E. Permalinks

Adding functionality to your WordPress website with Plugins

A. Changing fonts and colors
B. Customizing the background
C. Adding a slideshow
D. Adding a contact form
E. Adding an image gallery
F. Removing page titles
G. Upgrading your editor
H. Adding security to your website
I. Backing up your WordPress website (optional)
J. Plugin Tips
K. Keep your WordPress plugins updated

Customizing the sidebar with Widgets

A. Introduction to Widgets
B. Widget Plugins
C. Custom Meta Widget

WordPress Menus

A. Editing the menu
B. Creating a dropdown menu

Hacking the WordPress style sheet (optional)

A. Introducing HTML code
B. Inline styling
C. Internal style sheet
D. External style sheet
E. Hacking the twenty-twelve stylesheet

Choosing a WordPress Theme

A. Tips for choosing a WordPress theme
B. Uploading a theme

Directing Traffic to your site with Search Engine Optimization

A. Page titles and descriptions
B. WordPress titles and descriptions
C. Installing a SEO plugin
D. The art of writing titles and descriptions
E. Quality content

Site Tools

A. Setting up google analytics
B. Using google analytics


What are the differences between a tag and a category ?