One of the most important WordPress settings is the front page display setting. The default installation of WordPress allows you to display your latest blog posts on your home page. You may not want a blog type site, so you can change this default setting. You can assign a static page as your home page and choose another page to display your blog posts. Or you could totally remove the blog posts from your website all together, if you didn’t want to blog on your website.

Before I demonstrate how to change your blog page from the homepage to another page, you should watch this video on page templates:

Watch this video to learn how to change your frontpage (homepage) display from that of a Blog page to a static page:

You can define how many posts to display on your blog index page and archives.

You can also define how many items are displayed in your RSS feed. All your blog posts are submitted automatically to an RSS feed. If you are new to RSS feeds, watch this video on RSS feeds:

You can choose whether your RSS feedĀ displays full blog posts or just a small summary or excerpt of your post.

If you do not want search engines to index your website, you can ask them not to at the bottom of the page. This is useful if you are developing a private website and do not want it listed in any search engine.