Unit 5: Introduction to Programming

Although any programming language can be used to accomplish the learning outcomes it is recommended that the instructor use Scratch . Scratch is a visual programming language and is good learning tool for first time programmers. It can be accessed as a free desktop application or online application. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand fundamental ideas about computers and programming.
  • Understand data representations (variables, representation of numbers, character strings, and arrays).
  • Learn how to implement decision structures, loops, and functions.
  • Design solutions to programming problems (algorithms).


Scratch (text)
Scratch Getting Started Guide (text)
Scratch Introductory Tutorials  (video)
Scratch Programming Guide (text)

Term Project

For this project, you will create a high-quality educational website that teaches something about a particular subject or concept. The subject of choice could be a hobby or connected to something you learned this semester. This site must be at least 5 pages.

  • Consider layout, color, texture, typography, and imagery in making your website visually attractive.
  • Consider usability and navigation.
  • Your site must be responsive.
  • All pages on your site should be validated.
  • You will be evaluated according to the rubric
  • Upload your project code to your github account.
  • Print out and submit the rubric with your name and github link.
  • Take a screenshot of the pages of your site and include them.