Website Hosting

To have a website one needs both hosting and a domain name.

Domain Name

To run a website you need website hosting and a domain name. A domain name ( is the equivalent of your house’s address. That’s how people find you. The domain name is what people type in to their browser’s window to find your website.


Your house is where you live, and where you pay some money for rent or to own it. With website hosting, that’s where your website lives, and just like a house, this space costs some rent.

Managed Hosting

Your house usually needs regular maintenance and updates. Managed hosting is where an expert looks after the maintenance, updates, performance and security of your website.

I offer WordPress Managed Hosting with:

  • Fast content delivery on a Canadian located server.
  • Regular maintenance and updates of WordPress core, plugins, and theme templates.
  • Monitoring of server performance and security.
  • Regular scans of your WordPress website for malicious content.
  • Daily backups of site data to ensure nothing is lost.
  • Email account setup.
  • Content Updates.