As a project-based curriculum, students understanding is assessed primarily by their web site projects, similar to how they would be evaluated in the workplace. Students are also assessed on daily assignments which make up 10 percent of each term grade. The daily assignments assist students in completing the term project/website. Daily assignments can be created by the instructor as desired. Instructors may also additionally assess student understanding using quizzes and tests.

    Each Term is assessed as follows:

  • Term Website 45%
  • Term Project 45%
  • Term Assignments/Quizzes 10%

Term Website 45%

The choice of term website is decided upon by the student. Following the philosophy of project based learning, students are evaluated heavily on their actual work, as they would be in the world of employment. Students should be encouraged to find real world website projects. For example family members or friends who need a website. Websites are evaluated based on the website evaluation rubric.The term website project should be worked on throughout the duration of the term.

Assigned Term Project 45%

The term project is assigned by the instructor. A project should be chosen according to its real world application. It should reflect the real world of employment and the current term content. Term projects are evaluated based on the term project evaluation rubric.

Recommended assigned website projects can be found in the last unit of each term.
Website Project for Core (Term 1)
Website Project for Content Management (Term 2)
Website Project for Online Databases (Term 3)
Website Project for Advanced Web Architecture (Term 4)

Term Assignments/Tests 10%

The choice of daily assignments/tests is decided upon by the instructor. These exercises should exercise critical thinking and problem solving skills. The daily assignments will assist students in completing the assigned term project and the term website project.


Rubric for Core Project  (Term 1)
Rubric for Content Management Project (Term 2)
Rubric for Online Databases Project (Term 3)
Rubric for Advanced Web Architecture Project (Term 4)

Rubric For Term Website (Term1, Term2, Term3, Term4)


Student assignments and term projects should be uploaded to Github.